bill demarco - producer/engineer/mixer                                                                                           

great production

Vuture Visions and Jim Stewart Recording

Four years ago, we opened Crushtone Studios and have raised the quality level of recording and production services in Cleveland, Ohio for music artists. Jim Wirt has an extensive list of credits, including numerous multi-platinum and gold albums by recording artists with total sales in excess of over 15 Million units. We are creating major label sounding records and Wirt is at the center of our efforts.

In addition, we have the Vuture Visions team of Bill DeMarco and John Richey and Jim Stewart of Jim Stewart recording. Its a well rounded team of veteran Producers and Engineers. On the business side, we are run by Music Industry veteran Randy Chase (Fishhead Records, CrushtoneMusic, Tragic Hero Records and Sun Pedal Recordings), and Wirt's Manager Claire Wirt (Crushtone Music). Claire assists in the day to day business functions while managing Wirt throughout the Industry.

producers and engineers

jim wirt - producer/engineer/mixer                  jim stewart -producer/engineer/mixer